Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Hello dear readers,

It's btw today, so thought I would talk about the above necklace.

I purchased it  at Portobello road market, Notting Hill, London last Saturday.

The necklace has a few little treasures in it-

1. The smooth orange and fat red beads are 19th century Dutch glass beads.
2. The blue speckled one is 18th Century Dutch glass bead
3. The large white speckled one is 17th Century Italian glass
4.The little white spotty one is 19th Century Venetian glass,
and the rest are recycled glass beads from Ghana.

The necklace has a bright silver clasp which I am not that fond of with the old style of the beads, I may end up changing that.

Cheers for now,


1 comment:

GraceC said...

Hi Jenni! What a pretty necklace with fab old beads, exactly the sort I was first attracted to. Did the seller tell you the origins or did you research that yourself. Also, I'm tired (but envious) just reading about your travels -- Venice! Hong Kong! Plus you already live in Australia. Hope you're having a wonderful time. (PS, when I visited the British Museum, I was all about the manuscripts. I'm an English major at heart and the idea that Milton's or Shakespeare's or Austen's hand had held the pen and touched the page I was looking at sent me through the roof. I got a little teary even. Goofball.)


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