Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beads purchased in Turkey

Hello dear readers,

Here are a few beads I purchased in Turkey. Actually, the silver beads and tassels only are Turkish.
The colored and metal ones are from Afghanistan. I have seen these at home in Australia, but they seemed quite inexpensive which is why I purchased them!
The silver tassels were probably not a bargain, possibly cheaper than purchasing on the Internet though!

The bag is made from an old kilim and fits my iPad perfectly!I love the 'rose' on it.
That reminds me, I meant to say on my travel blog that I had rose syrup on my yoghurt each morning and rose jam. Both such a pretty color, too. ( we could also choose from persimmon or apple tea, both were tasty as well as beautifully fragrant)

I was a little disappointed as far as bead shopping in Istanbul goes.
I had this preconceived idea that I could just wander to the Grand Bazaar and purchase swathes of interesting beads at good prices! Ha! How silly wasI !?
We did find streets of bead shops that made me drool, but they were wholesalers and would not allow purchase of one of this or that and I was not in the market to purchase a huge load any way. Oh well, we shall see what comes next.. Maybe London or Hong Kong will pass some interesting little treasures my way.

Must away now,
It is good to be back and blogging, I missed it.
My daughter tells me I am addicted, I think she is right!......

Cheers for now,


Marian Hertzog said...

These are pretty! Sounds like you are having fun! Best of luck treaure hunting!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. Great finds! Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy the day!

fireflymyst said...

Awesome collection! I love the bag!!!

Jenni C said...
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Jenni C said...

I did find some great pieces and we enjoyed Istanbul so much.Back to reality now!

Anonymous said...
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