Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goodbye Venice

I have re-included the photo of the necklace I purchased from Davide Penso, (in Murano)as I had a request to see it in it's entirety, here you are Collette.
Davide is a glass tester for Vetrofond glass. Both the colors used in this necklace were a limited edition test glass. Both the cream and light olive green have a beautiful luminescence which is not that easy to capture in a photo.

The next photo are some interestingly shaped Venetian glass lanterns, which captured my eye when we were walking back to the Hotel Galleria one night after dinner.

Cheers for now,



My Life Under the Bus said...

The lanterns are beautiful! They must look amazing at night!

fireflymyst said...

Thanks Jenni! Awesome necklace!

Jenni C said...

There was so much beauty in Venice, it is a constant visual feast.


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