Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Heart macro - A Display.

Hello dear friends,

Well, I am really late getting my Sunday post out, today.

My favourite camera I usually use has gone overseas... and I procrastinated somewhat about posting with no new photos from today... so here are a few photos from a few weeks ago. All sorted!

This is a little collection on my side table. The little basket is made from lavender stalks, the eggs are ceramic and sit in a wire nest.

Up closer.

Closer again!

 Same photo but changed by using a  painted effect from Instagram...I love this!

I am linking up to "I Heart Macro" over at Lori's place... head on over for some photographic up close and macro sharing.

studio waterstone

Click on the above photo logo and it will take you straight there.

Have a good weekend,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BTW... A Mixed Bag!

Hello friends,

Today I am linking in to Bead Table Wednesday... the name speaks for itself, I think.
Here are a few things on my table today and also  some of what I have been working on during the week...

Clasps, and soldering are the two main things on the work table this week.

 Here is the chain I started on last week. All it needs is a bit of a clean up and a clasp. I also managed to solder on some little rings to the larger ones...still working out if I will use them for earrings or backless bezels... nice to have a choice.

Stacked clasp (from an online course with Deryn Mentock) using my handmade head pins and glass beads, resin paper and a dash of sari silk. These were a practice really, will have to do them again using a sturdier wire for the loop.

And to add to the mix, I made some resin paper this week and experimented a little with backless bezels...these have ground cumin added to the resin and sesame seeds. I had a great idea to put the sesame seeds in a pattern...gave up quickly on that idea...must look for a larger - seed option!

Please head on over to the Flickr group and check out all the other beady Wednesday photos. If you wish to join up, it is easy and free. It's a great source of inspiration... and a lot of fun, too!

Hope you are having a fab Wednesday,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Heart Macro - Felt Flowers

Hello dear friends,

Another week has come and gone...this is happening way too quickly lately! Truly, I just don't know where it goes much to do and so little time!

As you may have read last last week, I have been trying out a little embroidery... remembering those long forgotten skills from my teen years.

I was going to start embroidering some sweet birds... however I changed my mind and decided to practice using some felt flower bases instead. I purchased these from a knitting shop in Hobart while I was in Tasmania on a bead making course and they have been sitting tucked away in a brown paper bag waiting their turn to shine.. or at least to come together.

They are originally from Nepal... handmade by local women.

First one.. blanket stitch on the edge and some chain stitch. ( This photo was enhanced using Instagram...another fun thing to occupy my time!)

 This one has a freeier  look... I deliberately made the stitching different sizes...truly! I wanted to do French Knots... however they kept disappearing in to the felt, so these rather untidy looking knots are ones you put on a thread to hide at the back of sewing..except on the front!

Two flowers...

and many more to go... !

To complete them, I will back them with material and attach a clasp so they can be used for a lapel brooch.

Today I am linking up to I Heart Macro... head on over to look at photos up close and macro. Mine are 'up close" this week as my little camera with it's macro setting has gone overseas with a daughter..I feel a little lost without it!

studio waterstone

Well that's it for today folks...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog love and Revisiting Forgotten Skills.

Hello friends,

I have always been a 'dabbler'. Throughout my life I have tried lots of craft... patchwork, sewing, knitting in small amounts etc. I just like to try new things. Most things I can be quite o.k at...but really, I am master of none! And that is fine with me, too.

Recently I have been exploring blogs that offer a variety of craft and artistic expression. One of the ones I am in awe and in love with at the moment is Geninnes's Art Blog. She is painter and specialises in sweet, colourful and quirky bird paintings. As a bird lover from way back, it has a lot of appeal to me for this reason.
Multi-talented, Geninne also embroiders, paints rocks and takes amazing photos around her home in Mexico.
On her blog, she offers a free bird embroidery pattern, so when some embroidery cottons were gifted my way just recently, I thought I would give it a go.

While rummaging through my craft supplies, I came across a needle holder that was mine when I was in High School.... Grade 2A to be precise... I was 14! Sorry.. I am not going to divulge how long ago that was! I did love all that we were taught in our Sewing classes... including embroidery. Unfortunately any samples from that period are long gone.

This is my school needle holder - it was old when I first was given it.  I love the poem.

Starting with the basics again...back stitch.

Head on over to Geninne's Art Blog for the full pattern.

Today I am linking up with our host, Lori at Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro. This is a Sunday post for those who love up-close and Macro photography... head on over and take a look at lots of great up close photos.

studio waterstone

Bye for now,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

From My Work Table

Hello dear friends,

Sorry for my long absence! It has been way too long!

As mentioned in My previous post, I have been participating in an on-line course with jewellery designer, Deryn Mentock.

Here are some of the clasps I have made from this wonderful class. Deryn is a great teacher and a talented artist....her work is beautiful...lots of semiprecious stones and wire work. Love her style!

 A small fraction of the ones I have made.

I love the colour of the hammered and patinated, bronze single - ball clasp. And copper is always beautiful to me.

These silver ones are tiny, great for more delicate jewellery.

This needs more practice! Everything looks great and bad when on a macro setting!!

Silver hook and eye.

Now back to my work table I go!



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