Saturday, April 14, 2012

From My Work Table

Hello dear friends,

Sorry for my long absence! It has been way too long!

As mentioned in My previous post, I have been participating in an on-line course with jewellery designer, Deryn Mentock.

Here are some of the clasps I have made from this wonderful class. Deryn is a great teacher and a talented artist....her work is beautiful...lots of semiprecious stones and wire work. Love her style!

 A small fraction of the ones I have made.

I love the colour of the hammered and patinated, bronze single - ball clasp. And copper is always beautiful to me.

These silver ones are tiny, great for more delicate jewellery.

This needs more practice! Everything looks great and bad when on a macro setting!!

Silver hook and eye.

Now back to my work table I go!



Carol D. said...

Looks like you are doing a great job. Won't you enjoy using these in jewelry.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Jenni,
Beautiful work, these will look great in your pieces.

maryharding said...

Jenni, Your pieces have come out beautifully. You are very skilled. Thank you for sharing your pics.

Anonymous said...

It's a fun class and Deryn is a great teacher isn't she? Your stuff looks great!

Beadbug said...

Your clasps look wonderful.

Renee Troy said...

What a great job you did! I need to step up my game. If these aren't your best work, I'm at a loss to describe mine. Well done!

Gold Charm said...

Love your is fun to make different looking ones...I have seen so many varieties from various blogs...a beautiful learning experience.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh so jealous!!! These are beautiful - looks like you had fun!


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