Sunday, August 18, 2013

Drilling Sea Glass

Hello friends,

Continuing on from my previous post about the wonder of finding gorgeous sea-glass on my local beach, I decided I had better do something practical with it!

I decided to drill some holes through which I will thread a jump ring.
To achieve that, I used a 1.5mm Diamond core drill bit (from Rio Grande) with my battery operated dremel to make a hole in the glass.

I rested the glass on a piece of wood which was immersed in water (just covering) so the glass and drill bit were both slightly covered when drilling. This keeps the drill bit from overheating.

The core drill bit was 180 grit... next time I purchase, I may look at a rougher grit, as it did take a while to drill through the glass... but maybe I was just being too impatient!

The one with the red mark is waiting to be drilled. I used a permanent marker so I could see the exact place to rest the drill bit underwater.

Next stop... jump rings and jewellery!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach Treasures

Hello dear friends,

You probably think I have died or given up on the blog... or something along those lines!
Well, obviously the first is not true and the second... well... let's just say I have had a long hiatus!

Part of the reason for my absence was selling and moving house.  Yes, a big adjustment for anyone after 25 years in one home.

I have moved from a suburb close to the city to one a little further away, but also within walking distance to a beach. This is very new for me and I must say I am really loving that aspect of my new location.
While I have never been a beach worshipper as far as sunbathing and swimming goes, I have always loved strolling along the beach at any time of the day or weather. (It is still Winter here in Australia.)

Recently, I have discovered a little bay that seems to offer up little "treasures" on every visit.
I have always been on the lookout for beach glass ... long before moving here. I have never had much luck finding beach glass, and the few pieces I did collect over the years, have been carefully kept with the thought that I would add to the collection.. one day!

Well, let's just say that collection is now growing (almost) daily and at a rapid rate! I will soon have enough that I can actually make something with it ...possibly a mobile, possibly jewellery?
Here are a few photos of items collected during today's beach stroll.

Today's beach glass.. I am thrilled with the colours!

Pottery shard...I also love to collect heart-shaped rocks... but this was a real find today!

Interesting texture on this shell and some glass pieces, previously clear and now aged by the sea.

Sea urchin shell remnant, still with spikes. (sorry about the blur!)

A lovely old plank. And an almost, heart - shaped piece of glass!

A few more things!

As well as doing an (almost) daily walk to the beach, we are working on our new home.
There are, of course, many things to be done, adjusted and changed... so I will be posting soon about that too. 

Meanwhile, I do have to say, it feels good to be back!

I will see you again soon,



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