Sunday, August 18, 2013

Drilling Sea Glass

Hello friends,

Continuing on from my previous post about the wonder of finding gorgeous sea-glass on my local beach, I decided I had better do something practical with it!

I decided to drill some holes through which I will thread a jump ring.
To achieve that, I used a 1.5mm Diamond core drill bit (from Rio Grande) with my battery operated dremel to make a hole in the glass.

I rested the glass on a piece of wood which was immersed in water (just covering) so the glass and drill bit were both slightly covered when drilling. This keeps the drill bit from overheating.

The core drill bit was 180 grit... next time I purchase, I may look at a rougher grit, as it did take a while to drill through the glass... but maybe I was just being too impatient!

The one with the red mark is waiting to be drilled. I used a permanent marker so I could see the exact place to rest the drill bit underwater.

Next stop... jump rings and jewellery!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend,


Maplegirl said...

Interesting to hear about the process. Those pieces are wonderful.

Unknown said...

These glasses are delicae. You must extend a lot of patience to get it done well. Thanks for sharing the process too.


jelly andrews said...

Wow! These are lovely. These pieces of beach glasses would surely make beautiful jewelries. These could be used as pendants or earrings.

John L said...

Can't find the "like" button.


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