Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hello friends,

Sorry I have been missing in action for so long! Ghastly hot weather has left me flaked on the couch and devoid of energy. 

Photo from Fleaing France.tumblr.

I have recently sold my old Victorian house. I have lived there for 25 years.
I am on the hunt for a new home and have been looking at houses, both modern and more old fashioned in style. Sometimes I think I love modern and convince myself of it.. and then I see a house with character and nooks and crannies and delightful kitchens like the one above, that is full of interest and charm ( well it is French!) and I fall in love with old once again. I wish I could make up my mind! An older style home is just winning the choice by a nose at the moment..
I have a yearning to find old bits and pieces to put in a home and to plant a garden again… can’t help it… that is just who I am I think… and maybe I just shouldn’t fight that!? I did say I would not ‘do’ an old house again…. they are expensive to maintain etc etc. But yet….?! Charm  just might win in the end!
I will keep on with my journey until I find something that I think is probably a compromise of both old and new… for the right price of course!
It is not an easy task… wish me luck.. I need as much as I can get!
So tell me, have you ever felt this difficulty, this battle between old and new? This decision between what might be easier and what you are drawn to regardless. I’d love to hear… it just might help me with this continuing battle that circles my brain constantly…!
Goodnight for now,


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