My Bucket List!

I have So many things on my bucket list, I will need another lifetime to do them, and then some.
However, here are some of them.


1. Visit Venice, first time for sightseeing, second time to take a  lampworking class in Murano!
2. Visit Turkey.
3. Visit Morocco.
4. See the Grand Canyon.
5. See The Sistine Chapel Ceiling.
Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain.
7. Drive through Tuscany.
8. See the Amalfi Coast
9. Visit Seattle.
10. Visit Boston
11. See Niagara Falls.
12.  Go on an African safari.
13. Visit India, the Taj Mahal and Rajisthan
14. See Kakadu, Uluru and Broome in my own country!


15. Find my own glass bead 'style'
16. Become more accomplished at my craft and..
17. Open an Etsy shop
18. Take drawing classes
19  Learn to solder.
20. Consistently make own clasps, headpins
21. Become proficient at wire-work.
22. Learn  how to "cold-work" metal-smithing, riveting etc
23. Buy a  Digital SLR  and macro lens and become proficient at using it.
24. Have a photograph published
25. Make a flickr album for photography
26. Become a member of an Art Gallery and visit regularly


27. Move house
28. Become a Grandmother
29. Start a veggie garden
30. Go for a weekend to a spa with my girls
31. Take a trip somewhere with my girls, ? Vietnam or Bali


32. Learn to swim properly and be able to swim 50m pool length without stopping.
33. Keep going with Pilates


34. Hot air balloon ride
35. Helicopter ride.
36. Elephant ride

As you can see it will take some time,  but there is no time like the present to start!!

Happy days,



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