Monday, March 28, 2011

The British Museum

Today we spent a lot of time at The British Museum.
This wonderful building with it's remarkable collection was founded in1753 and spans over 2 million years of human history.
We saw only a small fraction of the exhibits there. I was so impressed and really you could spend a week there and still not see it all.If you get the chance to be in London I would suggest you take a look, it is worth it. Admission is free, a donation is optional. Some special exhibits may have an admission charge. It is also a really beautiful building, light airy and of grand proportions.

1. This reconstruction suggests the original arrangement of the jewelry worn by a Sumerian woman in the Royal Graves of Ur.
Lapis Lazuli, carnelian and gold.The gold beads have a bitumen core.

The site of Ur lies in southern Iraq ( modern Tell al-muqagyar). The ancient city was inhabited from as early as the Ubaid period( 6000-4200 BC) until the 4th Century BC.

2.Beads and bud pendants of gold, carnelian and lapis lazuli.
3. A gold and lapis lazuli diadem with pendants of bulls, buds and leaves.
Small animal pendants like these were usually made withhold leaf over a bitumen core.

I saw many beads on exhibition in the museum from different periods, these are just a few that captured my eye from this interesting and ancient site.

Off to breakfast now,



Deb said...

The British Museum is fabulous. If you get a chance, pop into the V&A museum just nearby, there is a whole section dedicated to jewellery and designers through the ages. I never get tired of going to look at it :-)
Have a great time!
Deb x

Jenni C said...

Thanks Deb, might just do that before we head off tomorrow night. We have enjoyed our brief sojourn in your lovely city.


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