Friday, March 11, 2011

A Visit to Murano.

Roberto and Jenni at the tool shop in Murano.

Tools and necklace purchased and a view from our bedroom window.

Vittorio at his studio, making a duckling.

I visited the glass making island of Murano, a short distance from central Venice a few days ago.
The main objective was to visit the tool making store of Carlo Dona.
Carlo and his son, Roberto make wonderful tools for the lamp working industry.

I purchased x2 bell flower presses, a glass rod holder, a lion stamp, a murrini making mould and a tool to hold the copper wire whilst making the bellflowers. Oh yes, also a pair of tweezers and a "fin" press for making a design on fish or could also be used on leaves to leave an impression of lines.
I am thrilled with my purchases and can't wait to try them out.

I also visited Davide Penso, a lamp worker and designer I have long admired.
From him I purchased a green and cream bicone necklace, simple in design but beautiful in execution. Both colours have a luminescence about them that is not visible in the photo.

Back in Venice we dropped in to see the studio of Vittorio Costantini a master lamp worker whose speciality is items from nature. His amazing studio is full of fish, birds, insects and marine life, all so wonderfully life-like and all made only from glass. Beautiful!
I purchased a few items from him, one of them a blue-wren, a little bird that I use as my logo.

A totally wonderful day...!

Cheers for now,



fireflymyst said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing your trip. I would love to see a close up of the bicone necklace you brought:) Nice view from your bedroom window!!

Jenni C said...

Thanks Colette, I will try and post a photo.
The glass Davide used in the necklace is a very limited colour and even he has only a little left.
It has a real glo about it that I am not sure if I can capture in a photo.
On another necklace the green came out multicolored and looked almost like a type of natural stone. Jenni

My Life Under the Bus said...

Goodness you had me at the view from the window!!! Looks fantastic!

Georgie Field said...

Wow the tools! Hamazing!!! Way to go Jenni!! Love the idea of the fin tool, have Liked that one for a long time. I am so excited to see your booty IRL . When do you get back? Bel and I are tossing around 25th March for next get together. If you are there then i think the entire meet will be around you! So much excellent subject matter!!

Samual said...

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Jenni C said...

I loved the tool shop!! I loved everything about Venice and environs really, now wanting to go back!!


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