Monday, April 4, 2011

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Hello dear readers,

To those that have been following my posts during my month away," thankyou."
I have appreciated your comments along the way and have enjoyed staying connected with friends and family.
I am now back at home in Melbourne, Australia
It is wonderful to see my two beautiful daughters again, and my little dog, Pepper, who is now sitting at my side as I write this post.

I did not really complete posting about our journey, so even though I am home, I am going to still write a few more travel- type posts to complete the  trip.

After writing about the British Museum, I was advised to visit The Victoria and Albert Museum  in  South Kensington, London. Which we duly did!

I was so excited to see this wonderful sculptural 'chandelier' by Dale Chihuly in the main entrance atrium of the museum. I have only known about Dale's work for the  last 3 or 4 years,  and was consequently, thrilled to see one of his pieces in real life.
For those who are not aware of Dale's work, I will endeavour to explain. Dale has worked with glass for the last 50 years. He creates LARGE exhibitions of glass, wonderful  sculptural explosions of color and movement. Some of the sculptural pieces and components are almost like flowers, almost like "triffids", all of them are mind blowing, in my personal opinion.
Anyway, it's probably better that I show you, rather than try and explain!

Dale Chihuly glass chandelier.

Fantastic, isn't it!
What is not particularly apparent in these photos is the SIZE. It is 11 metres high!!
I also found out his work is exhibited in over 200 museums world-wide.

We spent only a small amount of time browsing this wonderful museum. Like most good museums, we really needed to spend DAYS there to give it full justice. 
I was dragging my feet somewhat, travellers exhaustion, aching back and legs had really set in with me at this stage, so we really did not see a lot of this wonderful museum.
I  did however see the glass and jewelry rooms! Well, of course, that's the least I could do!!
Here are a couple of photos from the glass room.

Rod formed pendant and beads from the Eastern Mediterranean.
(a type of evil-eye bead?)

Old glassware, loved the colored embellishments on the side.
(I thought I could try and do something like this on a glass bead.)

I could go on, adding more glass-type photos, but will not bore you any further!
My addiction to glass beads, has, over the years also fuelled my interest in glass in general, hence all the other "glassy" photos.

Well, must away, I have a couple of suitcases worth of unpacking and clothes washing. Groan!
The boring bit!



TesoriTrovati said...

That Chihuly is outstanding! He originally went to my alma mater, University of Wisconin Madison. There is a huge sculpture of this sort in the Kohl center where the Badgers play basketball. I love it when I remember to look up and see those urchins hanging high!
Enjoy the day!

Deb said...

I'm so glad you found time to go to V&A, it's an amazing place where you could never be bored!
Deb x

maneki said...

I've heard so many good things about V&A. If I ever get to go to London it seems like one musuem I shouldn't miss.

Don't think I've seen any work by Dave Chihuly before. That's one fab piece and I can only imagine what it would be like to see it IRL. *off googling Chihuly for more pics*

My Life Under the Bus said...

I recently watched a TV documentary on Dale Chihuly and it was fascinating! I can't imagine how all that glass makes it all over the world! Would make my hair stand on end!!! It looks like some sort of exotic sea creature!

Jenni C said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, thanks Deb for advising me to go!
I am going to do some more Chihuly browsing too! Cheers!

Zina said...

I love him!


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