Saturday, April 23, 2011

Glass Classes and New Colors

Hello dear readers,

Sorry, I have been absent this last week or so. Life has been a little busy.

One of the things I have been doing this week was a  3 day glass bead making workshop with guest teacher, Corina Tettinger. It was held at Jacquie Campbell's studio in Hurstbridge, about an hours (easy) drive from my home. There were 9 students altogether, most from Victoria, but 3 students had travelled interstate to do the course.
It was an intense  3 days of learning and re-visiting techniques, from 10 -6pm, fortified with plenty of coffee and delicious home made lunches whipped up by Jacquie. Thanks for that, Jacquie!

Corina is a lovely and very witty lady and a very generous teacher.
The class, ( " Glass Masterclass" ) covered  some of the techniques from Corina's book, 'Passing the Flame'

Some of the topics included, dot application and manipulation, encased stringer and striped cane making, a few different methods of murrini making and stringer control, to name a few!
The  wonderful 3 days finished with Corina  showing us how to put together a lot of the elements we had learnt over the previous three days, in a 'tidepool bead'. Corina also spoke about bead design and what to consider when placing design elements on different shaped beads.

I found some things in the course easier to manage than others....I will definately have to practice my stringer control!!
Here a few pictures from the course.

Jacquie's new studio (named after her little black dog, Licorice)

Corina  heating a murrini gather of glass

The beautiful finished murrini gather,  sliced through to show complex pattern.

Corina's sample demonstration beads from the class.

Next week I will be repeating the drive to country Hurstbridge, to take Corina's Floral bead making class.
I am looking forward to that. No doubt there will be much to learn and MANY challenges for me in this class! 

I also thought I would include a photo of some new glass colored rods by CIM, that arrived on my doorstep yesterday. They are totally delicious! I just love the beautiful  transparent Azure. This color is a stronger and more vibrant color than Effetre intense blue in rod form,  I can't wait to see what it looks like in a bead. Celadon is not a new color, however the one pictured above is a unique form, different than the usual, this one is slightly darker.

Until next time ,


My Life Under the Bus said...

That celadon caught my eye immediately. I love these pictures! So interesting to see how this is done - I can't even imagine it in my head but to see it is very cool.I can't wait to see what you make!Take more pictures!!!

Happy Easter!!! : )

Jenni said...

Hi Patty, thanks for stopping by and commenting. After following your blog and your style of pictures and jewelry I can totally see that the celadon color would appeal to you. It is a gorgeous color.

Islandgirl said...

I took a class from Corina in FL last November... it was a lot of fun... that murini is way more complicated than the one we made!

CIM has some gorgeous colours....


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