Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet clasps have arrived!

Hello dear friends,

Thought I would show you a photo or two of the darling little clasps I purchased from Jo at Daisychain Jewellery.

Jo is located in Southhampton, United Kingdom... so these little babies have flown half way around the world to land in my hot little hands! It is always so exciting to receive something so delightful and from another country as well!

Thankyou Jo, I adore them and will be putting them to good use very soon.

A little copper oak leaf and daisy clasp and a sterling silver leaf clasp.

A closeup of the textured and patinaed copper daisy clasp. Love the daisy centre, too.

The three clasps with some yet, unfinished soldered copper oval links. ( mine). Macro setting on my camera really shows up the silver solder on these links. ( as well as the hair!) In real life it is not quite as obvious as this.... back to the sanding paper to refine these a little.

Jo has also got some sweet birds and butterfly clasps, poppies and toggles in her shop to name a few, so check it out! I had a difficult time choosing.. they are all so gorgeous!

Bye for now,


Courtney said...

I love Jo's work. Lucky you.

Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

Lucky you and I'm sure you will make something beautiful with your gorgeous beads.

Maplegirl said...

Thank you for highlighting Jo's work. I always like to go take a peek.

Doris said...

Beautiful clasps. Your oval links are looking excellent. Did you use Stephanie's technique?


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