Sunday, October 7, 2012

A not so good day in the studio!

Hello friends,

You know some days just do NOT go right..... sometimes I find when one thing does not work, everything follows suit... and this is just what happened today.. (moan!)

I recently signed up for a chain making course with Stephanie Lee.
I do know how to make some chains and have made a few in the past, ( see here as well ) however I am always up for a new style and approach and thought I could always add new styles to my somewhat small repertoire.

Stephanie's style appears to be more organic and I love the approach of leaving a larger than normal 'blob' of solder to a chain link for decoration. ( either as a smooth shape or flattened with a hammer)
Of course I thought this would come relatively easily for me as I have soldered before.
Never think something should be easy!

Good links but the soldering leaves a LOT to be desired!

The 'blobs' did not look good at all! They were 'relatively' uniform in size, however some did not wrap completely around the link, some seemed to crumble a little when hammered and some were just too weird a shape. Hmmm.. this is going to take a lot more practice to get that unstructured, organic shape that looks so easy in the video. Isn't that always the way when you are learning something new! Serves myself right for thinking this would be easy for me!!

I think I may have worked out what I am doing wrong but my brain doesn't want to allow my hands to do it correctly! 

The links were made on my new bench coiler /jump ring maker which I love. This part went smoothly!

I also used the jump ring maker to twist two strands of wire together to make twisted links. These look pretty nice (phew!) but still need to be soldered. I did attempt one but completely missed the connection .... not too much is going smoothly today at all.. I think I might leave the others for tomorrow! O.K... definitely time to pack up for the day and try something else... or maybe even a bit of T.V watching might be in order!

Twisted brass jump rings.. a miss-soldered one on the left!!

Anyway guys, hope you are having a more successful day than I am.. whatever you are doing.

Today I am linking up to I Heart Macro for those who love to take and show up close and macro photos.. hope you can pop over for a look.....

studio waterstone



Sharyl said...

This is my 2nd case of "tool envy" from this week's "i heart macro!" Talk about something looking easy and being difficult... That's my life story with jump rings!

Enjoy your jumpringer! I enjoyed your photos!

Sally Russick said...

Jenni, I'm taking Stephanie's class too and I never thought that those tiny little seams could be so hard to solder. Your chain looks good to me though and the twisted wire, your seams are aligned so perfectly so I hope you get the solder to behave on those! Good Luck!!

Gunilla Bäck said...

I love those twisted rings. Have fun practicing!

LisaS said...

Nice shots of your work. Is that a paste solder by any chance? Keep trying different things ;)

Birgitta said...

I like these! Great shots of your work!

Doris said...

Okay, third attempt (if all show up, just delete, please).
I like your jump ring maker, I think I need one myself. Your jump rings, plain and twisted look very good.
I'm taking Stephanie's class, too, and my soldering isn't all that terrific (and I toasted the top of my flux container). I think it just requires more practice, after all, Stephanie has been doing this longer than you and I have.
Good luck, Jenni.

Shel said...

At least you have the guts to solder - I don't even have the urge to try cause I'm scared I will flub it up and become discouraged! I love your twisted rings - they look really great and your macro shots of all of your rings came out great. good luck w/the soldering,...I actually think it looks pretty good - just sayin!!

Maplegirl said...

Thank goodness those days don't come along often, right?
I have solder-skill envy; I have only tried it once and need much more practice.

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

I feel your pain about soldering jump rings - I seriously DISLIKE it!!! Good luck with your class and I hope your hands get to do what they want to do without the brain getting in the way :)

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Jenni, this is inspiring me... previously my only soldering experience has been electronics class in high school (34 years ago) and neatness was not vital LOL. I particularly appreciate your posting "less than perfect" results. very helpful. I personally learn MUCH more from my initial failures than from those techniques that were easier to master. Character-building, ahem?

Alice said...

Your rings look great compared to mine. I took Stephanie's online class a couple years ago and she makes it look easy. About that time my mom got sick and shortly thereafter she passed away. I have not been back to the torch since then. I'll have to learn it all over again.

And you know the saying 'Practice makes perfect'.....just keep trying.


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