Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brooch beginnings?

Hello friends,

This last week I have been trying to start making a brooch or two.

Sawing is still quite difficult for me... my skills and 'eye' are not fantastic... the result is wobbly and not terribly accurate. I am not  always relaxed while sawing and consequently usually get a sore shoulder/arm/hand as a result. This is improving a little though... my grip on the saw is no longer a "white knuckle" look and I am also not breaking as many saw blades (famous last words!) so I guess I have made some progress. I wonder if everyone has these difficulties when they first start learning to saw?!

Yes, I know... the old P word... I'm working on it bit by bit... and perhaps, just perhaps, it is marginally easier!

This semi 'paisley' shape was influenced by a shirt.... it has a long way to go... the cut out areas are not good... it's quite a challenge (for me) to keep those areas both fine and well shaped... I am hoping that a bit of sanding will fix this a little!?

Some drawings for ideas. I find it hard to find something I like, but 'doodling' helps and eventually does bring some ideas. Seeing if they work well and look good is yet another challenge. I have never made a brooch before and it does come with things to think about. Where to place the pin? Do you make the pin and rivets part of the overall design, and if so, how to carry that out?

I was visited by this little 'friend'...  it gave me quite a shock when I saw movement from the corner of my eye... no wonder I veered off the line! (taken with my phone!)

Well, that's what I have been doing today... hope your day was a good one, too.


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

The sawing is looking fantastic Jenni! Plus the filing and sanding helps out alot with making the designs pop. I am also doing more sawing now - and what I found that helped me is having the right height chair with the bench pin. I was using my lampworking chair when I was sawing before and I was too high and breaking saw blades left and right. A few weeks ago mom bought me a new chair and I am finding the sawing so much more comfortable and the blades are lasting longer. I am no where near mom's greatness but at least I am sawing now :) I can't wait to see your finished brooches. Have fun sawing!!!

MaryL said...

This is so interesting... I have no idea what your process is but can't wait to see your next photos of it! :)

Maplegirl said...

That is a lot of rounded shapes - you are getting a lot of practice with curves for sawing.

I love the idea of the paisley.

Don't think I would like your visitor. I love my little harmless spiders in the garden, but anything that size...


The Crazier Sister said...

I have no comment on the previous pics (okay, I do, totally cool and I have *got* to learn metal work!). I would have run screaming from the room for someone to come catch the (not so) little critter and GET. RID. OF. IT! How did you manage a shot of it? I'm doing the "icky-thing!" dance just seeing the pic! (EW!)


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