Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silver and Goldstone

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday, I managed to find a little time to play in the glass studio.
When I was rummaging through a tin of glass bits and pieces, I came across a small packet of gold aventurine (AKA goldstone) flakes and it made me think how little I actually use this particular additive in my bead making.  In combination with silver leaf or foil, goldstone can give some lovely results.

I decided to try out a tutorial by Carol Anne Bouchles from the Passing the Flame "Spotlight on Silver" series of lampworking tutorials compiled by Corina Tettinger.  I bought this booklet several years ago.
Carol calls the tutorial bead a "Patina Forest Bicone".

I think my bicone bead turned out kind of O.K. (see pictures below).  However, for the next attempt, I will try to have a more even ring around the bead and a more even application of goldstone flakes: one end is covered more than the other. Perhaps also, I should apply the goldstone more liberally.

The squiggle of glass through the centre is made with a medium topaz stringer which changes colour from topaz to blue when applied on top of silver leaf or foil.
How wonderful is that!  I truly love glass when it does all these magic reactions.

The other thing I am thinking about is whether the bead I made should be etched. What do you think?

Following on with my recent bicone obsession, I also made an opal yellow bicone, encased it in silver and applied a fine stringer of intense black which results in that great webbing affect. (Also seen on the white bicone here.)




GraceC said...

Jenni! They. Are. GORGEOUS! Just beee-uu-tee-ful. Please do not etch that bead. I think it's perfect as it is. What is the goldstone portion of it though? The goldish flecks or the yellow rings surrounding the beads? (I don't know anything about lampworking; sorry!) The second bead is unbelievable. The effect you describe as webbing almost looks like a worm or a brain to me, but in a good way, really! Just stunning. Keep it up!

Jenni C said...

Grace, good to hear from you.
The goldstone flakes are the green bit, they turn that colour when applied on top of silver leaf/foil.the ring is made from ivory glass with silvered clear on top. Once again the silver changes the colour of the glass from ivory to a rich caramel. Magic isn't it!

fireflymyst said...

Those are awesome!!

Jenni C said...

Thanks ,Collette for your kindness. Jenni


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