Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Hello dear readers,

Goodness, a week goes by SO quickly!
This week, as you can see from a previous post, I have been making bicone shaped beads and, also, tab beads made from the gorgeous glass "fossil" by Effetre.

Fossil is a "Cool Color", one of a range of glass colours made by Effetre in Murano, Italy and supplied exclusively to (and named by) Frantz Art Glass. It came in Light, medium and dark batches when I purchased it.
Frantz Art Glass still stock it (medium only by the looks of things) and I noticed it is on sale at the moment.

The beads I made are made with dark fossil glass rods only.
The glass striates into the lovely variegated grey colours you see here, occasionally a little bit of caramel appears also.
It is a simple glass to work, no tricks required and the result is this wonderful marble appearance.

Above is the bracelet I am working on at the moment.
The small barrel beads are a pale, grey glass which changed in the flame to this lovely, honey colour with the addition of silver foil.

The spotty ring connector is PMC.

Just out of the picture is a grey glass hollow bead which will be suspended from the  PMC connector

The small white beads are quartz - as is the large faceted crystal nugget at the top.

The small dark brown-grey spacers are smokey quartz.

It is an earthy look with just a hint of bling!
Now to put it together!

The other news I wish to mention, whilst writing today, is that I have joined up to participate in a color palette blog walk organised by Brandi.

Please also check out her blog and shop, she has amazing jewelry with beautiful borosilicate glass beads and gemstones. Truly unique. Fantastic photos too!

The colour palettes can be viewed from Monday Feb 28th until Friday March 4th.

You will be able to see my photo palette and story on Wednesday March 2nd, here on my blog with links to other participants to view their lovely palettes and read their musings.

For more information, click on the color palette logo on the sidebar on the left of the screen.

Until next time,



one-eared pig said...

Love the fossil beads! I think I may have some of that somewhere. I've never tried it. hhmmmmm

Daniela Ellenberger said...

Love the colors and the beads for that bracelet.


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