Friday, February 25, 2011

Jewellery Display/Storage

Hello dear readers,

Storage of any item in a home can be problematic, especially if space is at a premium.
My home is not large so I am always on the hunt for interesting yet inexpensive ways to display  my jewellery items.
As I am starting to accumulate some nice items of jewellery, I wonder both where to store and/or display it.
Some of my more valuable items are placed in a "proper" case and put away in a drawer.
But others I want to see.

To me they are 'decorator' items in themselves.
Here are a few ways I have displayed some of my personal jewellery items.

This shaving mirror sits on my chest of drawers in my bedroom. The mirror is meant to rotate  for magnification when shaving, however that doesn't happen much these days! Too laden with necklaces!

This little metal tree sits in front of the mirror. It's perfect for small bracelets and a few pairs of earrings.

The earring frame is there too.! Oh look at those 60's white earrings... I never wear those!! These frames are easily made from framing materials and wire mesh.

Close by is the porcelain bust. This was probably not the most sensible purchase, the neck is too short and multiple larger items cannot be displayed easily on it. It is interesting to look at but perhaps not ideal for photographic purposes due to surface reflection. But I like it nonetheless.

I really want to acquire an old dressmakers dummy, I have been on the hunt for some time now... hopefully it will come my way one day soon.

Also on the chest of drawers is a lovely old container, an old family heirloom. I love the colours in this 
old piece. I usually keep bracelets and my watch in here.

(photo credit- This item was stored on Pinterest and sourced from Storage and Glee)

That's it for my own displays.

I came across this very novel storage/display system on Pinterest.
An old rake has been used on the back of a door as a holder for masses of necklaces.
I like the fact that it is sturdy, interestingly attractive and inexpensive.
All one needs is a handyperson to cut the handle from that old rake you have in the shed , and no longer use, clean it up a little and voila, instant display and storage!

ok, that's it for tonight folks,



Marian Hertzog said...

You have some great ideas there! I am going to take a look at my frames to see if I have some that would work for jewelry display. I had not thought of that...thanks!

Pretty Things said...

Those are great! Mine, I have to keep in plastic baggies so they won't tarnish so I bought a beautiful jewelry box so at least their storage box was pretty!

Georgie Field said...

Hi Jenni, i have some ideas too. In the past i purchased a puffy satin coathanger that has the wooden core. Then i hammered in a long line of picture hooks. I hung HEAPS of necklaces from it and had it on the wall on a picture hook. It was a little piece of installation art. At my current residence we have absolutely no hooks on the walls as it was a new place when we moved in. Cant bring myself to punch holes in it. Anyway i was just looking at a free standing cupboard i have in my bedroom and i hung on its door one of those coat racks that you can fit over doors and i hang my scarves, dressing gown and small bags on the hooks. It would easily make do for a bauble dangler too, much like the rake.

Jenni C said...

Thanks Marian,Lori and Georgie for your comments.
Some good ideas there Georgie, I certainly have to find a way that I like if I wish to display larger amounts than I have now.
Lori, yes the tarnishing is a problem, I'm hoping they will just spark up a bit if I polish with a "silver" cloth?

Cindy said...

Jenni, I enjoyed your post on jewelry storage! Unfortunately many of my pieces - those that I wear frequently - are sitting in a heap, ready to be worn! :-)
I recently purchased an antique dress form while antiquing in Pennsylvania.... now I have 3, but will likely sell one. I've been looking for years as well - they are so hard to find!

Jenni C said...

Hi Cindy, I think I need look to look a little harder for 'my' antique dress form. Three! You lucky thing! Oh well, I feel sure it WILL come my way...


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