Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Blog Giveaway

 Hello dear readers

I have never done this before, but I guess there is always a time  for a first.
I came across this lovely blog the other day, A Prairie Thistle LIfe, written by Julie.
Her jewelry, she says, is influenced by life In the Prairie land. It contains lovely bird and nature inspired elements.
She also has beautiful photos with eclectic combinations of French and American farmhouse vintage furniture and collectibles for the home which she uses so well to stage her jewelry pieces, just gorgeous.
Some are for sale, too.

As I am a bird lover and a collector of vintage bits and pieces, and definately a garden and nature lover, I felt  drawn to Julie's lovely photos immediately.

This week she has had a sweet bracelet made from a vintage spoon to give away. It's beautiful.
See Julie's blog for the conditions of the giveaway.
The giveaway will be open until March 20th.

I have had a quiet weekend. No working on the torch as it has been far too windy. I need to have fresh air coming in behind me for ventilation as well as noxious fumes removed.
When it is windy the flame drifts all over the place and it is just too dangerous.

So, I worked on my BSBP piece and finally finished it to my satisfaction!
Now to finish off a few extras!
I still have quite a lovely lot of soup left!

I will be posting a "sneak peak" tomorrow, so please come back for a look!.

Ok, time for bed,




Julie Pishny said...

Thank you Jenni for joining in the fun and posting about my giveaway at Prairie Thistle Life and for providing me the opportunity to discover your work - it's gorgeous. Hugs - Julie

Pretty Things said...

Yay for working on Bead Soup! Can you believe I FINALLY finished mine today! I thought I'd miss my own date!

Jenni C said...

Thanks for your comment Julie, it's good to 'meet' you. I love the photos on your blog and your lovely silver stamped jewelry

Jenni C said...

Lori,,OMG your are so funny! Glad you have finished, you must be frantic.



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