Friday, September 14, 2012

A Glass Bead Trip

Hello dear friends,

I am so excited to show you this gorgeous book "A Glass Bead Trip" by Claudia Trimbur- Pagel. It arrived this afternoon all the way from France! (very fast too!)

Claudia's beads are really unique... they combine a wonderful sense of quirky with precision and such style.
She also combines her beads with hand - made made silver clay embellishments and settings to make her jewellery so beautifully elegant and arty.

Here are a few photos taken from the book, which by the way is written in English, German and French.
There are HEAPS of photos and step by step info ( including the silver clay work) in this gorgeous book for bead makers.

Look at all that beautiful silver clay work!

The girl's eye is a murrini  - how to make this is in the book.

Wonderful colour and stringer work.

Cute dogs.. I think the white ones look a little like Schnauzers.. must have a go at making one of those seeing my dog, 'Pepper' is a Schnauzer.

So, have I got your interest piqued?

Here is a link if you wish to look further.

Now, I am off to give it a proper read!
Have a great weekend,



Konad-licious said...

It's gorgeous! Off to check it out...

Daniela Ellenberger said...

I received it too. It's a fantastic book with lots of info's.


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