Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Studio

Hello friends,

As mentioned in a previous post I had spent a good part of last weekend tidying up my studio.
The word "Studio" seems too grand for this little cedar shed under the crab apple tree at the end of my garden... however it is "my home away from home" and I love it.

It is chock- a- block with a table for my lampworking torch, an area for soldering, set of drawers for storage as well as other little roll away shelves) and a kiln with glass storage underneath. Oh yes, I forgot, there is also a small bookshelf. It's amazing what you can cram in to a 3 metre x 2 metre space!
Here are a few photos.

On the left is my glass working table, the kiln and glass rod storage (under the black cover) are close by. When I make a bead I turn around and pop it straight in to the hot kiln. Behind the kiln in the corner is my soldering/jewelry making table. This table used to be where the drawers and small table are now. That was quite a difficult job to rotate those large pieces of furniture in such a small space! Oh yes, I do have a T.V in the studio, but I use it only to watch DVD's!

Soldering and jewelry making area. The main reason for the big swap around was to move this table closer to the window.

This is a new fume extractor which I wanted to place near the window.

The glass bead making area...normally there are glass rods all over this area. On the small table is a herb/spice rack which is perfect for my frit jars.( frit is small pieces of crushed glass which is added to a bead for decoration and added colour) The grey machine under the table is an oxygen concentrator which draws oxygen from the air... this is then combined with propane gas and the two mix together to make a flame in my torch. (under the plastic bag!) The propane cylinder is kept outside the studio and comes through a hole in the wall.

A collection of pliers!! I really don't use or even need all these! My husband put the power board attached to this piece of wood (Top photo) as the cords were so messy... the end part of the board was a perfect place for these.

And I hung this poster up... I think it says it all!


Regina said...

Love the studio, yes, I would definitely call it a studio. Love the poster.

Tania Tebbit said...

Wow - you have an amazing space full of such wonderful tools - love it!!

Unknown said...

It was great to see how your working studio is laid out. My husband has looked into having one built for me so I am interested to see how much space you have. You have utilized it very well. Looks like a lovely space to work in!

Courtney Breul said...

Studio is absolutely the right word! What a wonderful creating space.

Doris said...

What a well organized studio, Jenni.


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