Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kefir - the "champagne of milk"

Hello my friends,

I don't usually talk about food or recipes on my blog, as they are really not my forte... however I thought I would talk a little about this super food I have recently been exposed to ..."Kefir"

Have you heard about it?

I had not, until a friend, Belinda  (This is her jewelery site... she makes beautiful rosary bead necklaces amongst other things....her site is nothing to do with Kefir) put me on to it a some weeks ago.

Kefir is a one of the oldest cultured milks, having its origins in the Caucasian Mountains.

It is made into a thickened drinking form by soaking a starter, called "grains" (actually a mixture of casein and gelatinous colonies of micro-organisms that are grown together symbiotically), in milk (any kind) in a proportion of grains to milk 1:5.
The container with milk and starter is left at room temperature for about 18-24 hours. The milk slowly ferments and thickens into a rich, creamy non-alcoholic liquid.

It is then strained and the living kefir culture is kept for the next batch.
The strained liquid is a delicious drink ... with a consistency similar to that of 'drinking yoghurt'.

Kefir is purported to have a multitude of health benefits including...

. providing beneficial bacteria to our intestines which aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
. Aids in digestion
. Improves immunity
. A wonderful calcium source
. Reduces cholesterol and helps alleviate allergies.
. It is believed to restore the intestinal flora of people recovering from a serious illness or being treated with antibiotics.

Here are a few photos of the Kefir making process which I use at home...

This is what the starter (grains) looks like... a bit like cottage cheese in consistency.

 As you can see here it is thickening up... soaking in milk 1:5


Liquid for drinking, adding to cereal etc.

I really love the drink that is produced and I have two or three drinks a day... my calcium levels must have improved! 
I can't get any family members to try it yet .. still working on that!

I also make my own yoghurt... I love the fresh, clean taste of both of these home made products.... as there are no added sugars etc, both are a little more tart in taste than the commercial varieties.

There is a lot of information on the internet about kefir. I have no idea if it is really doing the things it says it can do... but I like the flavour and feel it must be doing some good! ( or will in time!)

Here are some links if you wish to read more about it.

The starter is available via the internet.

Goodnight for now,


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Moobie Grace said...

I may have to try this! I'm a kombucha (home brewed) that stuff!!

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