Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday - Chains!

Hello dear friends,

As some of you may know, I have been making chains lately. I started off making an oval copper chain for practice and financial consideration... copper is a mere fraction of the cost of sterling silver as I am sure you know.

However, I decided to "bite the bullet"and make something from sterling silver wire.

The first silver chain I made is a simple Trace Chain made with 16gauge (1.2mm) round wire. I am not entirely happy with it as I found some of the shaping a little difficult... some of the links are not as parallel as I would like... but it is a first for me and I guess I should not be so hard on myself!

It is soldered, filed and sanded and now awaits polishing. ( "honey, where is that tumbler!!")

I have now started on a second chain and decided to go with a Figure-Eight loop chain. This is a simple shape found in most wire books. The difference in making this particular figure eight loop, is that the wire end is first filed into the shape below, so that when you make the first small end loop, the wire sits neatly in the groove you have filed away and when you consequently solder that end loop, it makes for a neater finish.

This is how the filed wire ends look after filing that tiny groove. That did take a little practice to get right.

Here are my first soldered figure eight loops...( also made with 16 gauge (1.25mm round wire) Three passes of soldering was done on each link... the end loops and two in the centre. These figure eight loops will eventually have a small circular ring soldered to each end as well...  only10 more Figure eight links to make, 27 small rings plus 12 connector rings and clasp... well I have made a start!

This is the look of the finished chain. ( This picture is taken from the book below)

This is the book I have been learning from... "Making Silver Chains" by  Glen F. Waszek.

I must say I am enjoying the process of chain making so far which is quite a surprise to me. It is repetitious... it is a little "production line"... but I find I get in my little green shed, turn on the music and time just disappears. It has taken me my whole life... but I think I have finally developed patience!

Today I am linking up to Bead Table Wednesday... a  Flickr group started by our host Heather from Humblebeads. Head on over for a look.. it is always inspirational!

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Courtney said...

Both are beautiful!!!!


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