Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday I Heart macro

Hello friends,

Every week I say this... where has the week gone!!

I noticed this in my garden this week and thought I would show you... isn't it a beauty... some type of seed pod from a leafy plant I have growing in the garden... I call it "Elephant Ears" because of the size and shape of the leaves, but I am pretty sure that is not a real name! Does anyone know it's real name?

Unusual, isn't it!?

The Persimmon tree is laden with fruit and the birds have been having a field day.... I love the look of the tree and fruit but just cannot like the astringent aftertaste the fruit leaves in my mouth.

This was one of the exercises we did at my drawing class this last week. We had to draw this face without taking pen from paper. Not only that, we had to draw it upside down! That certainly tested my brain!
Interestingly, it seemed a little easier to do the drawing upside down than right way up.... something to do with your brain distinguishing shapes as opposed to the face in it's entirety. It was good to turn it the right way round and see that it did actually resemble a face! Quite a surprise.

This was the second exercise.. we had to copy a picture and  give it shading and depth purely using 'squiggles'... done in sections as we progressed with the picture... once again another exercise for both brain and hand.... so hard not to draw an outline first.... I was surprised some in the class could not manage this concept at all. It certainly is harder to create in a different way than usual... more fun, though!

And the last item I have been still working on this week, is this soldered silver chain. I finally finished shaping and soldering the links and the clasp. Now to tidy it up with sanding and polishing... the labour intensive bit!

As usual on a Sunday, I am linking up to I Heart Macro for those who like to see the world close up!
Head on over to Lori's for a look.

Until next time,


coffeeaddict said...

I think I like your name for the exotic plant and don't really want to know the real one. This picture is wonderful inspiration for a jewellery piece too.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and I like the drawing to ..

Birgitta said...

Such great photos and I like the drawings too!

Gunilla said...

Interesting plant and lovely drawings!

Sharyl said...

Every one of your photos is delightful and I so enjoyed hearing the stories behind them! Thanks so much for sharing each one! I feel like I've had a real treat here!

Laura said...

lovely photos...I've never seen a persimmon before...they are beautifully colored.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Wow - you've got a real talent for drawing! Years ago in my drawing class we did the first exercise, but just on anything in the room. It was fun and it gives a real interesting look to the drawing. I've not tried the squiggle one, but I can see why that might be difficult. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Georgie Field said...

Hey Jenni, just stopped by to take a gander at what I've missed for the last couple of month! I LOVE these drawings, they're lovely!


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