Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday - A completed chain.

Hello friends,

As you know I have been working on an S- link chain for the last couple of weeks. I am pretty slow at this jewellery making business... good thing I do not rely on it for a living!

However I finally finished it this week and I do have to say..I am totally thrilled with it.

I learnt a lot during the process. The repetition of making the same links was indeed a good teacher....
Usually I battle against this kind of repetition.... thinking it a little too "production line" for my taste... however the familiarity with each new link allowed me to refine and understand it just that little more.... to reduce the amount of solder.... to make sure the torch was not too close to the silver... to be aware of that little flash of solder and pull the torch away quickly, etc!

My daughter loves the looked lovely on her when she wore it to work is busy in design but because of all the looks  gentle and delicate.

The clasp (far right) is the same as the links.. but just not soldered on one side.

Completed chain on my model, "Collette" ( I finally named her!)

I am linking up to Bead Table Wednesday, a Flickr group hosted by Heather from Humblebeads.

So tell me...what is on YOUR bead table today?

Have a great day,

1 comment:

kimmykats said...

Ohhh soldering...somthing I have yet to tackle....
The chain is quite lovely...lucky daughter!!


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