Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Sister's Gift

Hello dear friends,

When I saw these stones all wrapped up in their little nets of crochet, I fell in love.
I cannot my dear sister made them for me.

She said she struggled with it initially... as apparently the way crochet patterns are explained, does differ according to whether it is an American or English pattern! Now she has got it down pat...there may be a few more requests...or even some different patterns blossoming.

While doing some blog surfing ( Research!)  I came across this wonderful blog called Resurrection Fern. Margaret Oomen is a textile designer and these crocheted stone covers are her design.
Her blog is lovely. Beautiful photos and lots of creativity... pop on over and take a peek!

I saw an article  about  Margaret's 'Little Urchin Crochet Covered Sea Stones' at The Purl Bee and this is the pattern my sister used to make the ones for me. It is available free with great explanation and photos.

Here are a few photos.

The grey one is actually a pale green.

Up even closer!

I have had a collection of stones for quite a while, so it is good to be able to do something extra with them!

Just look at these beauties! Hopefully my sister can make a few something like this one day.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day,


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