Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Novel Jewelry Box

Hello dear friends,

Thought I would share with you a wonderful and easy, yet very effective tutorial for a jewelery box/gift box that was shared to me by Sharon Tomlinson. Thanks Sharon.

The base of the box is the little box from Laughing Cow Cheese. I intend to make quite a few of these  boxes over the coming year, so it looks like I will be enjoying lots of this soft, creamy cheese. Actually, it only has 50 calories per that's a bonus given the amount my family is going to have to consume!

Here are a few photos of the two boxes I have made, so far.

Two boxes almost complete.

I love the egg design and colours on this one.

Gold paint is painted inside. I didn't use quite the same colour as Sharon, but it still looks good, I think.

 I can't put the labels on yet...the jewelery still has to be completed before the box is sealed!

How easy is that! Head on over for a look at the's a lot of fun!

Hope you are having a good day,



Gale said...

Thanks for sharing that! Your versions are lovely. Now gotta go get the Hub to eat some of that cheese.....

Therese's Treasures said...

What a great idea and a green one at that. I am going to try out this idea. Thank you Jenni for sharing.

Doris said...

Your gift boxes are lovely, Jenni. I am sure the recipients will be thrilled.

lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this here Jenni.
It's just beautiful!
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!


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