Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Heart Macro - Aqua Love

Hello my friends,

I am a lover of aqua-blue in any shade. Pale or deep in colour, slightly green or on the baby blue side... I just love it.
When browsing on Pinterest some time ago, I saw an idea to emulate those beautiful aqua-blue Mason jars, now quite a collectible item. (along with their collectible price!) So, I decided to give it a go, using the ingredients I already had at home.

I used a very basic little old Vegemite jar... use whatever you have in the cupboard.
To some Matt medium, I added some aqua - blue ink. ( Other people who have tried this have recommended food- dye and mod-podge... but I used what I had in my art box.)
I painted the outside of the jar and the result was a soft, pretty aqua.

The strong blue thins out to pale and pretty when applied to the jar. I have only painted one coat on the outside so far.

Much prettier than a plain old jar! I need to do a few more coats both on outside and maybe on the inside.

The above jars and photo is from Craft Berry Bush

I guess you could do this in an array of colours to suit your taste and decor.

Today, I am linking up to I Heart Macro hosted by Lori... head on over and check out all those lovely macro and close-up photos.

studio waterstone

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend,


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful idea! Love what you can find on Pinterest. Can't wait to see your finished jar! Have fun!

Therese's Treasures said...

Cool idea! Looking forward to seeing the finished jar, I just know it is going to be pretty.

Tracey N. said...

One of my favorite colors as well. I am thinking about painting my kitchen island a shade of turquoise! I love this idea, and pinterest is wonderful!

Shel said...

Blues, of all shades, are my favorite. These are no exception - lovely!!

MaryL said...

I love this idea!1 If I lived in a house I would have them in all colors lined up along the windowsills :)

Charlene said...

I love reusing jars like that. so handy and useful, and fun too! nice aqua color.


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