Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamieson Colour Palette

Hello Readers,

A lot of blogs have been talking about colour lately and I too have been swept up in that interest.
After all, colour is around us all day.
I'm sure it affects us without us even being aware of it.

Various colours are said to have different effects on us - green is thought to have a calming influence, yellow to stimulate activity, and red to promote appetite.
I have often wondered if these supposed effects are really open to personal like or dislike of said colour.

When I was a child I could categorically say my favourite colour was blue. No hesitation.
It is said that blue reflects a "conservative" choice! Well, particularly dark and navy blue.

I used to say I dislike yellow, and yet the Daffodil is one of my favourite flowers.
The same applied to orange and yet I love the jaunty, orange nasturtium flower.
Brown was considered boring and dull (in my mind!) and black was just not worn when I was a child.

I also look back and compare the clothes then and the clothes now and I think they just were not as colourful as they are now. The choices were just not there.

These days I am in love with colour.
I would say there is not a colour I dislike.
There are still some colours I will not wear though, or perhaps only in a limited amount.

I look at my rods of glass in the studio and the colour selection is vast.
I often find it difficult to make a selection from this broad  range.
I have found the best solution to this dilemma is a self imposed limitation, selecting only 3 or 4 colours  at a time, seeing how they gel with each other and then adding or subtracting as I go, if necessary.

I have been trying to actively notice colour more.
Looking at a colour wheel and learning how it works has been helpful.

The other fun learning tool I have discovered is Photoshop "Elements".
I learnt "How to Make a Colour Palette" using Photoshop Elements from a fellow blogger, Brandi .
You will find it under "tip shares" on her blog.
She has an amazing blog with lots of informative tips, not to mention the most spectacular jewelry.

Anyway, here is a colour palette that I have put together using a photo of a water-colour painting of the countryside near Jamieson, a town in north eastern Victoria, Australia.

I love the greens and greys of the Australian bush contrasting with the yellow of the Poplar trees.

This has been a first experiment at creating a colour palette. I feel sure that with frequent use of the colour palette tool I will become more observant of colour combinations in everyday life. Hopefully I then will be able to apply colour choices more confidently both in glass selection and jewelry making..
I am certainly going to do a few more!  They are fun to make.

Cheers for now,


Brandi said...

I so agree with you, Jenni! Color is around us all day and sometimes, we don't even notice it or its influence. Since starting those color palettes a year ago, I've found myself becoming even more sensitive to specific shades I see. And when I do them, I'm often surprised at the colors that come out - what I think is green is actually gray, but looks green because of the colors around it. So fascinating.

Bravo on your first color palette! I think it's so lovely!

Jenni C said...

Thanks, Brandi, Am looking forward to making more.
Your easy store looks fab!

Jenni C said...

That's etsy store!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I am totally addicted to color palette generators....sometimes I do it just to see what comes out!


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