Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Gift

Just recently I was given this old typewriter.
It doesn't work of course, the top part (? Name) has seized and I can't imagine the ribbon is any good.

My original idea was to take off the round keys and make them in to a bracelet.
However after protest from the family and realizing how difficult this actually would be, I gave up on the idea pretty quickly, so now it is a rather large 'ornament' around the home!

My father was a journalist who used to write on his typewriter at home.
I remember the constant "tip-tap" coming from his work room.
Originally he did have a typewriter similar in style to this one.
The typewriter models became updated through the years until finally, he had a very quiet, electric typewriter and that background tip-tap noise disappeared.

I compare that way of writing; noisy and a little messy (the dreaded carbon paper!), with the ease of use of this iPad.

Will the iPad still be around in 50 years or will it too, become a writing tool antique?!


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Pretty Things said...

Oh oh oh! I collect vintage typewriters and cameras! I have a Remington 10 and a Blickensdofer 7.


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