Thursday, January 27, 2011

A glass journey - Goblets

I have always loved glass.

Twenty-six years ago, ( OMG really!) my husband purchased 8 glass goblets as part of a wedding gift to me.

We had first noticed the goblets at a restaurant that we used to frequent: "The Cat's Tango", in St. Lucia, Brisbane.
So we drove down to Byron Bay N.S.W. to find the  glass maker, Colin Heaney.

At his studio we were entranced to watch him as he made the goblets from recycled glass, dipping the gathers of hot glass and rolling it in the various coloured frit ( small pieces of crushed glass).

Who would know that years later I would be doing a similar thing in my own back - yard studio (a little shed really!), using MUCH smaller amounts of glass and frit to make lampwork glass beads!

Colins' glass goblets became more refined over the years - far more delicate and also with a lot more detail.

However, I still love his early, rustic style the best!

Here are some of the goblets and the crazy, tortuous stem on one of them.

Cheers for now,



Islandgirl said...

HI Jenni

Just emailed you re BS Party! I actually tried blowing glass once... the opening to the glory hole was right in my face way too hot.... I started lampworking in '94 and made very wonky weird little beads for about 4 years... Ididn't know what they were suppose to look like!

Notice you have a cored bead in your 'banner' Do you have one of the tools or are you doing it with a hammer and punches?


GraceC said...

Hey Jenni! Nice post. Don't tell me you still have all 8 goblets nearly 30 years later! That'd be amazing. Only two days ago I practically THREW a water glass across the kitchen while trying to get it out of the cupboard. Still finding shards. :(

I LOVE color! said...

Nice post I love, love glass and would love to learn to make lampwork beads.
Be Blessed

Jenni C said...

Thanks Lynne, Grace and Sandy for your comments. Yes, Grace I still have them all!


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