Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hipstamatic App Photos.

Like many iphone fans, I have been having a bit of photographic fun using the iphone app, Hipstamatic.
I have had it loaded up for a month or more but, until now, have not posted any of the photos I have taken using this tool.

I love the fact that it makes images appear a little old and faded. However, I think it is still important to carefully choose the appropriate topic for the best 'look' using this effects app.

I love the appearance the app gives to these hats and the woven bag. They appear aged when they really are not THAT old.

I am yet to fully explore the other features like  colour filters, black and white supergrain, infrared, glitter lens or the Lucifer lens.
I love black and white so think I will try that next.

My childhood teddybear, "Johnny" actually is getting on in years (as is his owner!), so he does suit the photo technique quite well.

Hipstamatic is available on the Apple iTunes App Store for something like $2.49.
There are some add-on effects packs for $0.99 cents each -- so it is affordable fun.


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