Friday, September 2, 2011

Soups Arrived!

Hello dear readers,

I have been waiting patiently for my soup to arrive from Jennifer Jangles...and I am so pleased to announce
it arrived today...and it is Hot!

I have never really worked with ceramic beads before so this is a wonderful first for me.
Jennifer's beads are such happy, colourful pieces...they make you smile just to look at them.
I am so thrilled with what Jennifer sent...and here they are

Yay! the package FINALLY arrived!

Jennifer's gorgeous card.

Gorgeous flower focal and beads.

Toggle clasp.

All the lovely beads including a sweet birdie (sorry upside down!) and nest.

Another view of the bead soup.

And now for the fun...



Regina said...

Wow! Great beads, looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yum, yum and more yum! Beautiful beads! :)

courtney of beads by breul

DaviniaDesign said...

This is a gorgeous Soup you've just got.
Enjoy creating something unique!

Manuela said...

It looks wonderful and I am sure you will create an amazing piece of art - looking forward to the fun,

xxoxx Manuela

Marianna said...

oh what fun!! I LOVE her work!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Jenni, That is a bright and sunny bead soup mix from Jennifer (her stuff is great) to brighten up your winter days. Happy creating!

Lesley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lesley said...

Oh jenni - what a great big dollop of sunshine jennifer has sent you, that will be so much fun to work with. Enjoy!

TesoriTrovati said...

Lucky girl! Both of you! Miss Jennifer Jangles is such a sparkly person. Her beads are some of my favorites for their whimsy and fun. And I love you too Miss Jenni! This is sure to be a treat!
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

How awesome! I love her color palette and I'm glad you get to work with a medium you no normally don't work with.

Ann said...

Very fun, I've always loved her beads.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh what happy colors!!! I can't wait to see what you make!!!

MaryL said...

Oh wow, look at that card!! Makes me feel like, "how come I can never come up with anything that 'artsy cool'?? Can't wait to see what you make with those delicious colors! :)

Jennifer Heynen said...

Hi Jenni! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I am having loads of fun with your beads as well.

Jenni said...

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and commented on this post...I can't wait for the big day!


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