Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello Old Bear

Hello dear readers,

Goodness two posts in one day!

Let me introduce you to "Johnny". He came to me on the Christmas of the year I turned 5 - he is getting on in years...the half century has come and gone!!

I remember he was wrapped in green cellophane and had pale blue, seer-sucker overalls on - they have long disappeared.

Johnny has been repaired over the years..his limbs were once sewn back on...using string and a great big-holed needle.

His tummy button which used to  make him growl so beautifully when pressed, is now a permanent indentation and the growl no longer works.

However, he is very much a precious bear...a memento of a childhood and a Christmas day long passed.

Just look at this sweet bear...

Today I am linking up to The Creative Exchange for the first time, hosted by Lisa Gordon Photography.
"Your Camera in One Hand, Your Heart in the Other.

Please click on the photo link above to see some other lovely photos,

Goodnight for now,



Kathleen said...

Johnny is so adorable -- clearly well-loved! He looks a lot like Ti-Ro, my (19-year old) daughter's bear... I'm very jealous of people who have special relationships with a totem; I think it's kind of like a link with another world.
Thanks for checking out my erosion bundle.... it was an interesting project, that's for sure. I was surprised at how sturdy mens shirting fabric is. I had a large piece of it open to the elements for an entire year with almost no signs of fading or fraying, while the commercial printed fabrics that were left open to the air and light were sunwashed to almost pure white.

lisa said...

Johnny is absolutely precious Jenni, and how lucky you are to still have him!

Thank you for sharing him, and this beautiful photograph today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening.


TesoriTrovati said...

I have my parents bears and they are the same way. They are precious! My dad's has this soft grayish hair that surprisingly looks like he does now! I have my elephant stuffed toy, Ellie. I used to suck on her nose so it is a bit deformed, but I love her. This inspires me to find these treasures and display them!
Enjoy the day, Miss Jenni!

Pat said...

Johnny looks like a well-loved bear.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Awww...and now I feel horrid because my little stuffed dog "Snowball"and his best friend "Bun Bun" is up in the attic somewhere. Oh the horror!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful old bear!
Lovely photo ,-)
Love (P)


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