Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Blues....

Hello dear friends,

It has been a gloomy and rainy day here in Melbourne.
I couldn't finish painting the fence or get into the garden.....
Beads could  have been made but it was too windy.....
The studio needed tidying but I just couldn't get the energy to bother...

You know how it goes...!!

So what did I do...spent a good part of the day on my recent obsession....Pinterest

What is pinterest?
Well, Pinterest  is a virtual pinboard........... a place where you can 'take' photos and 'make a board' of your own.
"Why would you wan't to do this"...I hear you say -

Organisation and planning.

All good reasons.
I am still learning and working my way around it.

So far I have put together 16 boards with 52 photos that I like...just a beginning really.
They cover all, home decorating, photography, fashion, cooking... ...just select topics you are interested in and way you go...!

I have come across some blog friends from the beading and photography communities... and linked in to some of their boards. Which is really nice and part of the whole process and fun of it really.

I am yet to 'take' a photo from a website and repin it...pinterest allows you to do that.
Any photos you use on a blog, need to be acknowledged, of course.

Anyway, here a few from today.

I LOVE this fabric...would like to put it on a real board and use the covered board as wall decoration...grey and yellow seem very popular at the moment. ( this picture is from Pinterest (Joel Dewberry) I put this one in my 'Style for the Home' board.

This wonderful necklace is originally from Birgitta Lejonklou.  (Birgitta was a recent Bead Soup participant...see my picture link at the top of my blog side bar to read more about this wonderful event) There is an amazing story behind this necklace....
This photo, of course is on my 'Jewelery and Gem Inspiration' board on Pinterest. I might have to separate these in to two  separate board categories eventually.....there are way too may beautiful jewelery pieces and, separately, lovely gems to have them together on the same board.

So far, the only difficulty I have had in using Pinterest, is that some photos, when attempting to transfer and enlarge them in size on my blog, are very pixelated with resultant poor quality and image. I am not too sure how to get around that...choose other photos, I guess!
( I actually had a few more  photos to show you...but came across this problem...any hints from those more experienced than I at using Pinterest would be welcome)

If you wish to check out Pinterest for yourselves, click on the red Pinterest Logo on my blog side bar. This should take you to my boards where you can see a little about it. ( I THINK you can look without signing up...although not entirely sure..anyway give it a try...and then let me know!!)

Cheers for now and



fireflymyst said...


It is rainy and gloomy here, too.

Making your own pinboard looks interesting. Is it hard to learn how to do it?

Elizabeth said...


Thank you for coming over to my blog and commenting on my kitchen. I agree white makes everything look good.

I love your beads! Beautiful. Now I will have to go and check out your travel blog.

As for rain, we have had raid for 10 days and yesterday our neighborhood flooded. I am a little tired it the gloom.

Have a great weekend.


TesoriTrovati said...

Pinterest is an addiction for sure! I don't post much on it as I am always too busy doing other things, but it is really cool to see what is hot out there!
Enjoy the day!

sarah said...

I love Pinterest too!! Such a fun site to put all your inspiration in one place :)
My daughter actually has a little blanket with the fabric that you posted. It is very lovely pattern!


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