Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Texture Tuesday - A pink bike in Florence.

Hello dear friends,

Well I am trying to get back in to the swing of blogging after not posting for a little while.
So, I am making up for it today, and this is my second post in a day...a rarity for me!

As you all know by now...Tuesday is "Texture Tuesday" for me so without further ado here is my textured photo.....a pink bike in Florence.

I love old bikes and this pretty pink one just caught my eye. It was such a pretty girly color, especially after seeing all the black ones that were far more common. The only thing missing was an old cane basket to make 'her' perfect. Actually, the more I look at 'her', the more I think she is perfect unadorned.

To achieve this look with photoshop elements 9, I....

1. Duplicated the background.
2. Levels adjustment - adjusted the mid tones a fraction.
3. Hue saturation adjustment....I wanted the little red bits to "pop" a little more.
4. KK Golden texture layer on soft light blend mode at 100%
5. Another layer of KK Golden texture on multiply blend mode at 82%
6. I added a layer mask and removed some texture on the bike, especially seat and frame.
7. KK Love in layer texture on multiply blend mode at 50%
8. Layer mask and removal of some texture on the bike.
9. Text layer "superba' which is the brand of the bike.

Pretty in pink 'Superba' pushbike.

The original photo...oh yes, I also cropped a little on the right hand side.

Please remember to go to the Texture Tuesday logo on my blog side bar to join in on the fun....it will take you straight to Kim's site.

Well this IS really it for me tonight..



Susan said...

What a great shot. Love the texture on that bike! So vintage...

Hope your day is a blessed one!

deb duty said...

This is lovely! The texture works great with the bike photo.

Evelyn said...

A superb image ~ the texture has changed the colours wonderfully!

Julie Legg Photo said...

I like your bicycle shot! Nice texturing too. Just lovely!

Light Trigger said...

really nice work!

viaTexture Tuesday
Light Trigger: our entry

Valerie said...

Jenni, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love comments! I've enjoyed looking at your photos and glass!

Cindy said...

Jenni, this is such a sweet shot! I was just looking at an old Huffy red tandem bike today in an antique store. I really wanted to take her out to examine, but could see the wheels would need to be replaced and could get quite expensive. What great Texture Tuesday photo - thanks for sharing!


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