Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anastasia glass bead-making workshop in Tasmania.

Hello dear friends,

You may wonder why I have not posted for a while. Here is one of the things that has kept me busy and away from the computer...

I was away a few weeks ago in beautiful Tasmania where I went with a few friends, Georgie and Belinda to attend a glass bead making, 3 day course, with Anastasia.

We stayed in a sweet  little cabin at the quaintly named place of Snug, about 30 minutes south of Hobart, Tasmanias' capital city, and drove from there each day to the community centre in Woodbridge another 15 minutes away where the classes were held.

Anastasia is a world renowned bead maker who came all the way from Germany to teach in Australia.
She visited and taught at studios in Sydney, Canberra and Tasmania.  Please  take a look at her website as her beads will just amaze you!

Thank you to Gail at Go glass studio who organised Anastasias'  visit and her Australian teaching schedule.
I learnt a HEAP of techniques and can't wait to get that fine stringer under control!

Here are a few of the demonstration beads Anastasia showed us how to make. (These are her beads)

Beginning with simple fine stringer work. These stringer were as fine as the hair on your head!.

Learning how to use enamels as a background and more fine stringer work.

Base bead using different transparent colors, enamel and stringers.

Using raking techniques and beautiful murrini building.

'Vertebrae technique' with enamels.

Gorgeous fish, decorated with enamel and yes, more fine stringer.

And a few other photos....well, I have missed out on a few posts..so now am making up.. by adding in a few pictures here!

Taken on the road driving from Snug to Woodbridge. Tasmania is really beautiful and the country really only a short distance from any of the main cities.

Little pomegranates in the garden of the community centre.

Miniature daffodils  also in the Woodbridge Community centre garden.

Hope you are all having a brilliant day....!

cheers for now,


Corilu Designs said...

Wow Jenni, those beads look so intricate and beautiful. You must have had a great time learning those techniques. Can't wait to see yours!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Very strange this post doesn't come up in my Google Reader??? UGH These are stunning!!! Especially that first tree bead and those fish - amazing! Looks like a fantastic time!


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