Thursday, June 9, 2011

First glass head pins

Hello dear friends,

I wanted to post this yesterday for btw, but somehow got a little know how it can be?!

These are my first glass head pins.
I used two different sorts of wire, a high temp wire, called nichrome, I think this wire is usually used in toasters! It was the stiffer of the two, hard to straighten from the original coil it came in, and consequently a little crooked when the glass was applied to it.
This made it difficult to centre the glass, so some of those  little 'beads' look a little skewiff.
The other wire was copper, 0.6mm, so very fine and delicate.

I had to work way up in the flame for both.

I really wanted to make rose - hips, however apart from adding a little enamel, it was very difficult to add additional glass in the form of stringer, dots etc to the 'bead' as the wire would bend with even the smallest amount of pressure.
 I will have to work a lot more on this and try and be more delicate with my touch!

Leaves,berries, rose-hips and flowers.

Rose-hips and berries.


Hope you all have a lovely day,


Corilu Designs said...

Those are beautiful Jenni! You know, I took a lampworking class and I must say, it is very difficult to control the glass when melted and make it look like you want it to. You are very talented and skilled!!

P.S. ( I really enjoyed that class).

Gardanne said...

I mostly use 20G wire, 22G works too but like you said the thinner the wire the less control you have with the glass.
I covet the tool that made those bell flowers.

Jenni said...

Kathy, thanks for commenting, I am still learning! But I am really loviing working with the wire and glass... So will explore it further.

Jenni said...

Anne, thanks for visiting,I have just ordered some 22gauge, so will give it a go.
Those are the first bellflowers, frankly I am not rapt in them yet... Need a bit more practice I think!

TesoriTrovati said...

Brilliant! Jenni, you are a master with the glass! I am in awe. I have been buying up glass head pins of late, and only with that piece I made for the Fairy Tale swap did I actually use one! Now I thirst for more! I love the colors on the berries. Very pretty! Enjoy the day!

Lorelei Eurto said...

nice job jenni!! i love the berry red and the ones that look sugared. AWESOME!

MaryL said...

These are wonderful!! Definitely let us see your next batch with the stronger wire...will be even more fantastic when you are able to decorate some!

Daniela Ellenberger said...

Wonderful, I like your head pins.

Anonymous said...

totally loving all of those!! great job!!
amy -

maneki said...

Beautiful headpins! I really like the lampwork headpins artisans make nowadays and these are no exception.

My Life Under the Bus said...

They are beautiful!!!Esp the leaves and floweer in the upper right - the colors are gorgeous - I am sooo impressed!

Kelly said...

Wow, just gorgeous Jenni. Some of them look good enough to eat.

Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

All gorgeous but I especially like the leaves, you did a great job!

Deb x

Jenni said...

Goodness, I am a bit slow in responding... Than you to everyone who dropped by.. They are great fun to do and will certainly keep working on them.


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