Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Heart Macro - a beady cup!

Hello friends,

Nine years ago, I made the exciting journey to the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The trip entailed flights from Melbourne, Australia to Sydney to Los Angeles to Chicago to Milwaukee. I cannot remember exactly how long it took, but I do remember it was LONG!

The last leg, on a smaller plane, was made delightful by the meeting of a lady on the plane who was from Milwaukee. She drove me, with her family, out of their way, from the airport to my hotel doorstep.
I cannot remember her name, but I will always remember her kindness.

The beads I purchased at this wonderful show have long gone but I still use this cup daily.
It is covered with the pictures of talented and celebrated American lampworkers and was released by the Bead and Button magazine to celebrate their 10th anniversary that year.

Occasionally, I think it is time to do that trip again... next year will be 10 years.... hmmmm....Might need to start saving now!

Today, I am linking up to I Heart Macro at Studio Waterstone for those who like to take up close and macro photos. Please do join me over there.

studio waterstone

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday,


My Life Under the Bus said...

Well I am put to shame you have been from half way wround the world! What a great adventure!

Annette said...

That must have been very exciting! What a lovely keepsake to remember such an adventure.

Gunilla Bäck said...

What a lovely keepsake from your great adventure.

Sandra said...

wow, now that's an adventure for the love of beads. love the keepsake cup.


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