Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Photo a Day - a January collage

Hello friends,

This year I am attempting to take a photo a day, that has been pertinent to my day. These days when most of us have camera phones, it is a pretty easy task to take a snap or two.

I have joined up to the Flickr group 2013PAD (photo a day) and so far, have managed to keep on track. I attempted to do this last year  but only managed to get to the end of July... this year will be different!! The power of positive thought....!

Here are two collages that I put together on Pic Monkey, a very easy and free photo processing site.
I use it as I love the collage feature... I just wish it had a collage option for a whole month at a time!

You can see my photos each day by clicking on the Flickr banner on my blog side bar or from here.

January 2013PAD photos

The rest of January 2013PAD photos!

If you haven't thought of this, I urge you to give it a go. It is fun. It makes you more observant. It encourages you to think and appreciate your day and what has occurred in it. A bonus is at the end, you have a wonderful record of the year gone by. It is not too late.. there are still 11 months to go!

Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week,


Karen Williams said...

What a fun idea! I don't think I'm quite up for a photo a day - the Focus on Life challenge of one a week is enough for me.

But I love your photo collages. There are so many stories tucked away in there.

Maplegirl said...

I love the idea. Don't have a great camera on my phone - still have an oldie but functional one. I am going to try one a month. Or I will just check in on yours for fun.

Annette said...

That sounds like a fun idea and definitely a challenge! Your photos are fun to see!

MaryL said...

I absolutely love the unique and 'out of the ordinary' quality of your shots! Very cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to know that we can do it on Flick. I'll start to do it next month. Just to let you know there's an app on iphone called INSTACC which does the similar thing, but it won't let us post on our blog..


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