Saturday, November 24, 2012

A love of travel

Hello friends,

We have been a family that likes to travel. At the moment my youngest daughter is in Scotland.. getting ready to move to Ireland before coming home mid December. She has been away 6 months having a wonderful time visiting many countries.... most of which I have never seen myself.
She will certainly have a bigger "visited" list than either myself or my husband.
That's totally fine with me... I cannot wait for her to come home and share some of the many adventures she has had.

She is certainly the only person I know who has been to Iceland! And for someone who normally resides in Australia, that is a LONG way away!

I thought I would make her a little physical reminder of her trip.. and the countries she has seen.

So I started by making a heart template from some craft sticks and cereal box cardboard.

I cut out the countries from an old, unused atlas. I tell you, it felt so wrong doing this... however.. I did it!

I cut out hearts from the countries she had visited. This one is actually England. Wandsworth was a town she stayed at with a friend.. outside of London.

Here they are all lined up and ready to be glued down.

To complete the job, I will put it in a lovely white box frame. This is an easy and fun project, one that I saw initially, on Pinterest.
You can see the original idea here.

Creative use of maps is all the rage at the moment.... if you have an old atlas you are brave enough to cut up, then here are a few more ideas for you.

Where you met, married and live from Everything Fabulous. I just love this idea.. and it is such a pretty vignette.

And this is one of many fun map ideas from shelterness. I am so going to do this with an old wooden chair I have.

That's it for me today, folks

Enjoy your day,


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Such great ideas, but I don't know that I could cut up an atlas or a map.....
A friend makes bunting and also little windmills from old atlases.

paerelkinnek said...

Hi Jenni,
that's a good idea, I think your daughter will be happy to have a frame with her travel countries.
Have a nice day

Annette said...

OMG Jenni!!! I absolutely love this idea. I wouldn't have any problems cutting up an old atlas or map! This has given me an idea for Christmas gifts for my grown children of all the places they have been.


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