Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thank me - Thank YOU!

Hello dear friends,

Lori sent me (and close to 400 others I'm guessing) this cute card.
Looks like it's on again next year... yippee!

So Cute!

Sure will....Thanks Lori!

Now off to the studio before the hail hits!

Love to all,


MaryL said...

So glad to see you here Jenni! I tried to click on your blog yesterday and it told me you were gone!!! No more blog!! Obviously just a glad! :)

Regina said...

Where does she find the time? Enjoy your weekend.

Alice said...

Yes, I got one too, and I was thinking 'wow, what a feat to send postcards out to all the participants'! And it made me smile 'cause it's so darn cute!


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