Saturday, October 22, 2011

A visit to Cloudhill - Nursery and Gardens.

Hello dear readers,

Last week, I made an excursion to 'Cloudhill', a stunning garden and nursery.
'Cloudhill' is located in Olinda, 36 kms east of Melbourne, (Victoria, Australia) in the area of the Dandenong Ranges.

'Cloudhill' was originally a working garden pioneered by the Woolrich family during the 1890's. At one time, it was a plant and flower farm.

Now it is a garden, nursery and restaurant combination and a wonderful place at any time of year for both a meal and a day contemplating the beauty of a unique and historic garden.

Here are a few photos of my time spent there...I could give you more...the beauty of the plants and vistas there are astounding...every time I turned a corner I found something new and breath-taking.

One of the many walk - through garden areas with a view to further afield. The gardener is trimming one of the many hedges and sculpted plants.

The white Viburnum is stunning next to this old wall. Beautiful Japanese Maple (on the far right ) grow well here in the cooler climate of the mountains.

A path meandering down to the woodland area. Bluebells and Solomon's seal grow prolifically in the meadow and underneath this old tree.

An old fashioned Columbine (or Granny's Bonnet) also likes the dappled shade of the woodland area.

This is a Waratah, the floral emblem of New South Wales, an Australian state.

A beautiful old seat in the shade.

Sweet Apple blossom...can you see the tiny insect on a leaf in the middle of the photo?

Quirky and colourful garden ornaments at the shop.

Beautiful isn't it!? 

Hope you are all enjoying your day,

Cheers for now,


Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful Jenni, I love gardens, I just don't like working in them. LOL

Jenni said...

Thankyou, Therese...did you ever find out what that mystery flower was?

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenni, When we are heading into winter it is a treat to see a spring garden. And what a lovely garden! The traditional layout almost looks as if it is set in the English countryside.

Kelly said...

Its gorgeous there, I've taken the kids many times. I think I might be due a visit


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