Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Robot Necklace

Finally, another post!

 This necklace did take a while to get done as I was waiting delivery of components to complement the robot and the black metallic industrial beads.

The gunmetal Tim Holz Idea-ology sprocket gears came from Beads Online. There were quite a few in the packet, different metals and sizes, so plenty to go around for the next project.

The gunmetal key charms were a fun addition and were purchased from Rings & Things.

 Some of the silver connector rings were darkened to match the gunmetal look using Liver of Sulphur.
This was easy to do, just a quick dip in and out of the liquid, ( which was actually a gel base) and very easy to make up.

The bronzish-looking balls in the above photo are actually "scrimps" from Fire Mountain Gems.
This is the first time I have used these and they are definitely a much more polished look than a squashed crimp!

They are this colour because I painted the Liver of Sulphur gel directly on to them as I suspected  their screw mechanism could be damaged if immersed. This stronger solution gave a bronze patina which is a similar  colour to that of the robot's chest.

Another first for this necklace was the use of wire guardians, which help the stringing wire from breaking over time or from slipping through any little gaps.  These can be seen in the two photos above connecting the bronze scrimp to the gunmetal ring.

Above are the hematite hexagonal beads interspersed with small groups of gunmetal spacers which form the back part of the necklace.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the robot bead is from Georgie at Jawjee and the "industrial" lampwork beads were made by belinda at Bellissimo Jewels.

This necklace did take a while to come together for different reasons, however, I was happy to learn  a few different techniques in the making of it, something I hope I continue to do with each piece I make. 

These little tips were given to me by a few friends from my new beading group, The Flaming Matildas.
I will write more about them in future posts. 
Until then,


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