Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Thought I would show a few of my favourite glass Christmas decorations.

They are a simple, uncluttered style of decoration, however  I love them for their  shimmering and reflective  capabilities.

And my favourite Christmas decoration of all - my little dog, Pepper complete with Christmas bow!

Cheers for now,



Georgie Field said...

Oh you have a schnauzer!! They are funny. Sat on a park bench once and somebody came along with a schnauzer and sat down, then the schnauzer started chewing on my friends leg and wouldn't let go.
Pretty baubles!

Jenni C said...

Hey Georgie, my dog wouldn't do that! She is very nervy though and barks at all who walk past her domain. I keep her eyebrows short so can see her eyes.
Hope you have a happy New Year, Jenni


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