Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a Beginning!

Hello my friends,

I am sure you all know the tale about these two little guys!
I am feeling slower than slow, and truthfully, am not too sure about crossing that finish line.... however, at least I can say I have started!

Yes, I have opened a little shop on Artfire. And, at the moment I have the great amount of ONE item listed... but, hey.. it's a beginning!!
I did not realise just how long setting everything up would take me..... so, things can only improve and hopefully, become a little more expedient from here. Please tell me this is so?

If you click on my little Blue Wren logo on the upper left of the blog side-bar, it will take you straight to my Artfire shop for a look, if you so desire.

Phew! It's been a long day...

So, it's goodnight for me.. time for Downtown Abbey and time to get off this computer... much as I love you all!


ThreeRedBeads said...

Your store looks great! Best of luck to you!

kimmykats said...

Sending you my best wishes! I too need to open a site up---I keep delaying because of all the work it takes.....

Maplegirl said...

The store looks great Jenni. One step at a time. Your work is wonderful.


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