Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texture Tuesday May 17th- A Vintage Challenge.

Hello dear friends,

Today is "Texture Tuesday" and the challenge this week was 'Vintage'.
I have a lot of quirky, vintage nick-nacks that I have picked up over the years from markets and antique stores etc.  So, to find a vintage piece was quite easy in my home.

One of the pieces I have collected, is a wooden pair of shoe 'lasts' that I have had in my possession for about 25 years.
I just love them. I love the fact that they once were actually a practical and utilitarian 'tool' for shaping shoes. I love the wood, it's texture, color and the many marks on it.

On the soles there are metal plates hammered on to the heel area.
I believe they originally came from Leicester, England, unfortunately the makers name is too difficult to discern.

As I look closer at the shoe lasts in an effort to glean any further information, I have now only just realised they are not a pair!! One is slightly smaller than the other-perhaps a half size. Oh well!

On the above photo, I used Photoshop Elements to add a texture, 'Trust', from Kim Klassen.

I put the blending mode on multiply at 82%, added a layer mask and removed a little of the texture from the shoes. I also reduced the brightness a little in one area (the shoes are naturally very variable in color and I did not want to change that, even though they may have looked better with more uniformity)

If you wish to see more  textured photos from the vintage challenge, just click on the Texture Tuesday photo on my side bar to take you there.



Bonnie said...

Great subject matter! Would never have known they aren't a pair - nor would it matter to me. I just appreciate the nostalgic feeling you have created with the image.

Jenni said...

Hello Bonnie, Thankyou for your kind comment, I am glad you liked it.

Linda Makiej said...

Gorgeous vintage feeling.... beautiful texture!

helena said...

great subject for the texture - lvoe how the background is now as mottled as the shoes

Marilyn said...

Jenni, these are so precious. I wish I could keep things for 25 years, but alas I have very little storage and I'm a neat freak.
Great editing!

Stampmouse said...

those are some cool shoes

Jenni said...

Helena, thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. Love your ship photo.

Jenni said...

Marilyn, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I know, I can't believe I have had them SO long. Some things are harder to part with I guess!

fotogran said...

Jenni - these shoe forms are fantastic, so very 'vintage.' They look as if poised to take the first step in a ballroom dance :-) I love the way the light is striking the one in the foreground and your lettering is a perfect choice.

Jenni said...

fotogran, Thanks so much for your very sweet comment... I love your old house and the way you processed it, thanks for stopping by,


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