Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bead Stash

Well the Bead Expo has come and gone.

There were quite a few exhibitors this year and due to parking restrictions,  I didn't get around to see them all.

I still managed to buy, of course, and here is some of my lovely loot.

I purchased small sparkling aquamarine beads, faceted chalcedony and quartz nuggets and a small selection of Tibetan turquoise from B'Julde.

I'm really looking forward to putting this large turquoise drum-shaped bead in to a jewellery piece. It's quite pale coloured as far as turquoise goes, but such a wonderful shape, I just had to have it!

Some very interesting bone beads came from Mark Wang. He also sells at the Camberwell market every Sunday.

 Lampwork pieces that I purchased include another owl, robot and frit beads from Jawjee.
 Co-ordinating beads to go with the robot came from Belinda at Bellissimo Jewels .

Not shown are the pile of silver and copper findings I purchased from Kerry at Affordable Inspiration. She is emptying her shop of these items, so if there are any left, they are great value.

Till next time,

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