Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello again... a new bathroom!

Hello friends,

I have been missing in action from this little blog (yet again!) for some time now...
I have no beads or jewellery to show you, I am afraid! I can, however, tell and show you something that I have been working on these last couple of months.

Actually, the last 6 months or so have seen me very busy, settling in to my new home and all that that entails, re-establishing my work and building up my client hours again and generally learning about and living in a new location.

We have been working on the house putting our "own stamp on it".... renewing and repairing.

The first room to have some major work done to it was the small ensuite bathroom. While the room was  essentially functional, it was quite outdated in appearance and I think, did not have either a very satisfactory layout or storage.

In the old bathroom configuration, the toilet was the first thing you noticed when the door was opened (not nice!) and the vanity had very small drawers and a skinny top with not a lot of storage either inside or out.

Old vanity... toiletries still waiting to be unpacked here!

New vanity... still only a single sink, but lots more storage. It is also the first thing you notice when coming through the door, (much nicer than the previous toilet!) The doors and drawers all "soft-close" as does the toilet, a wonderful little luxury.

 I love the spacious "farm-house" style sink and lever taps.

Sorry about the reflections... the floor is all one level.. and has been carefully sloped so water drains away.. it works so well.. does not come out from under the frameless shower door at all. The floor tiles are a medium 'mink' type of colour, the shower tiles are a gorgeous damask design and the rest are a coolish beige. All very neutral, but they look quite good together even if I do say so myself!

The damask feature tile is gorgeous! It is textured and both reflective and satin and has about 4 different muted colours throughout. This covers two sides of the shower recess.

The shower niche has a base to match the vanity marble top..This wall is in the plainer coloured tile.

The window will soon have white plantation shutters to match the ones you see reflected in the mirror which are in the walk in wardrobe. Crystal, look- a- like lights are on each side of the mirror. These are more modern in style as I did not want the bathroom to be TOO traditional in appearance.

The toilet is now located where the old vanity once sat... a much better location.

So that's it! I hope you think it looks better! My brother-in-law, Robert, (from Bayline Homes) and team did a great job.

Next year we will attack the main bathroom... and that will be another post!

Until next time,

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Georgie Field said...

very classy Jenni, love it! the damask tiles are amazing.


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